salomee speelt
Who is Salomee Speelt?

Salomee Speelt is a “fixed-fluid” collective set up by Noémi Schlosser, a young theatre creator who was taught by Dora van der Groen in Antwerp’s Drama School and graduated in 2001.
The idea for this company arose from the need to bring various branches of art, equipment and people from a variety of artistic milieus together. Furthermore there was a desire for the freedom to make independent in-house productions, as well as the ability to work on a freelance basis.
Essentially our approach is a sort of all-in theatre concept in which specific people are selected for each production. This is the only way of making a unique presentation as our associates are chosen for their individuality, and we believe that  “if somebody else had been asked  for a particular part, it would have been a completely different production”.
For this reason the collective makes use of constantly changing participants apart from Noémi Schlosser herself, which is why we use the term “fixed-fluid” collective.
We want to surprise both ourselves and our audiences with fresh new approaches, perspectives, characters and virtuosity. For every presentation we seek out the best possible actors, musicians, coaches and designer, regardless of their own theatrical or artistic comfort zones. We do not want to let ourselves become pinned down by a fixed group of people.
Apart from Salomee Speelt wants to give young designers a chance to work with the dramatic medium. If the company likes their ideas and finds them inspiring they can be invited to work with the collective within the context of a specific production.
Salomee Speelt makes no attempt to stick to any particular style, neither with respect to texts nor themes. The ability to play repertory pieces in addition to our own scripts and to bring all kinds of material together is our greatest strength
Moreover it is the characteristic that we most want to show off to the outside world.

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